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We live in a world where everything is a service, especially in the It industry and after Salesforce has spread their Software as a Service thing globally. Guys from Salesforce have sure capitalized on this idea, however, I don’t think even they knew how large will this trend go. We now have all kinds of software-related processes served with this delicious (?) ‘As a service’ souse. And, frankly, QA did not avoid the same fate so we now have Software testing as a Service or STaaS.

Nearly 80% of top executives do consider their companies require assistance with QA processes. This brings us to the fact that software testing services are demanded and are being outsourced. Most companies require assistance in reaching for higher levels of automation without unnecessary expenses or in the execution of their existing test case volumes.

Why as a Service?

Companies require ongoing testing support, however, decisions on the amounts of investments are hard so resources tend to allow on-demand services in most cases. So people need constant QA process support but rarely can afford it. This dilemma got quite a few intelligent entrepreneurs fascinated and, thus STaaS was born.

Lower costs with predictable results throughout the entire software development lifecycle is exactly what large companies and enterprises require. This does bring us to the ‘as-a-service’ way of thinking. Large multi-year contracts are nearly history today, offshoring with all the teams at your disposal is also losing its ground. This is barely noticeable today, however STaaS may hold the key to the future of QA-&-Testing industry.

What is STaaS?

Here are several thoughts you must know about STaaS: it’s not cloud testing. Cloud Testing is more of an activity which means it has a beginning and an end, whilst STaaS is more of a framework kind of thing without any dependencies to vendors or tools. A proper STaaS business model must include lower TCOs, predictable outcomes and a nice, thought-through on-demand model of pricing. So companies pay for results with STaaS and not for efforts.

Where can this lead us to? Software testing is not really the best possible way to aim for results over efforts. It’s not the bugs that should count, but the code coverage. However, if STaaS is properly realized and completely thought-through as a service where results are much more than just explored defects we may face the new ultimate trend of the industry. I wish things could be that perfect…

Realizing the importance of providing service on agreed terms, we consider all possible risks and provide efficient solutions for all possible risks and provide efficient solutions.


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