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Sure, one of the main activities of the specialist who works in software testing company is writing test cases. In order to talk about this major activity, we are going t discuss some important factors related to it. These factors should be taken into attention when writing test cases of any level. According to these mostly simple things we are going to give you some pieces of advice, but let’s go ahead with factors:

  • All test cases should reviewed and updated all the time. The thing is that the world of software is very much changeable, which influences the test cases to, because they have to fit the tested software. That’s why the tester should always pace with the times in this changeable environment.
  • The test cases normally are distributed among the testers working on the project. Usually there are several testers who is testing several different parts of the application. So the test cases are divided between them according to the areas they are working at.
  • The test cases are clustered and batched. Usually the test cases that belong to the same test scenario need a special sequence when being executes or they are executed in the form of the group. Similarly, one single test case may contribute in several test conditions and vise versa.
  • There is a tendency about test cases behavior to be inter-dependent. Simply speaking, if we have a complex application in which different modules are independent, so the same behavior should be accepted by the test cases.
  • The test cases should be distributed among the developers. Normally the test cases are not only used by the testers. In order to fix the bug, developers sometimes use test cases.

Now when you have reviewed all the factors above, we are going to start with

tips for writing test cases:

  • Keep the test simple and complex at the same time. But not too much. This could be seem to you like a paradox, but here is the answer for your silent question. Simplicity means that you should make a test case atomic, with correct mapping to the results expected and correct sequence. The complexity means that the test case should be fully integrated with the test plan and other test cases.
  • After all the tests of the scenario has been documented, review them all but not as a test writer but as a tester. Be sure about all the steps are understandable and the results fit to these steps.
    You should bound and ease the testers at the same time. First, you should provide the test data for the testers yourself and don’t let them choose it by themselves. Because the testers can intentionally or not use the same data for the testing and some important testing data may be ignored by them. Second, you should ease the testers by organizing all the test cases between categories and areas of application.
  • Don’t forget the end user. When writing test scenarios you should never forget the cases that will be mostly used or those ones that are not so frequently used, but critical. Just imagine yourself being the end user.

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