Software Testing – Test Metrics Programs

TestFortExpert by TestFortExpert on 03/22/2012

Software Testing – Test Metrics Programs

Test Metrics

Statistical Data is collected by the organizations. The main purpose of it is to measure the success of programs as well as to identify the areas of continuous improvement. Many organizations don’t succeed in addressing the following objectives. While many senior managers from various organizations think love to see metrics and the main thing they fail to understand is there team members’ inability in producing meaningful metrics which provide clear steps for the continuous improvement.

The number of client requests gradually quadrupled and is increasing even more from the last few years to establish meaningful metrics programs. What makes the metrics programs so challenging? Every day collecting tons of testing data is given by the organizations. The definition of metrics and techniques are available in different sources, still why do they struggle to collect, analyze and report these metrics?

Several metric reports by the client organizations gave exciting and surprising reports. They are as follows:

The golden rules in metrics testing:

We all know the rules, but we don’t implement them. The rules are as follows.

These golden rules are difficult to follow in testing metrics management by domestic testing departments of the companies as well as by offshore testing providers and they are bound to improve the success of any testing metrics program automatically.

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