Software Testing Process Brief Overview

TestFortExpert by TestFortExpert on 07/19/2012

Software Testing Process Brief Overview

Recently testing has become the very important process of software development. It is necessary to test software if you want to provide a bug free and reliable system to the customer.

The definition of Testing

Software testing or QA is a research process of software which is used to obtain information about the quality of the product. It also can be interpreted as a process that helps in finding out bugs/defects/errors in a software system under development.

For example: you are a good cook and you decided to make some soup for your family on dinner (of course if you made it before). You put all ingredients and finally, when you are about to finish making the dish, you would like to check if everything is fine. To ask someone to help would be the best decision to avoid extra spicy anything. This is how Testing is made.

Why do we need assistance in Testing?

While cooking, it’s OK to have a professional who helps you. Besides, it’s a good chance to not screwing up. But it is other case with Software Project Development. You may just loose your customer if you fail to make defects free, good and reliable Software. So it is better to turn to tester for help if you want to check out all your system and make sure that there are no errors.
Prior when term ‘TESTING’ didn’t mean ‘TESTING PROJECT’, developers made Testing at the time of development.

Everybody knows that feeling when you are making something you think that all functional correct and the system is fully working, but it could be something wrong with development of your software. It could has hidden bugs or other problems which are shown only when your project had been started already. Its a fact that when someone starts checking other person’s project, there is a big chance to find some problem. It’s just a common train of human nature.

What is tester doing?

Tester is a person who tries to find out what is going wrong and helps to improve a quality of your Software project. Tester is an important part of final product’s success. So if you hire a tester you beneficial yourself and your client will be happy too.

Of course, if tester finds all bugs and errors in your system it makes it more reliable.

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