So Different Types of Testing

TestFortExpert by TestFortExpert on 03/20/2013

So Different Types of Testing

It is clear that software development cannot exist without testing. However not all those who need testing understand exactly what kind of testing will be appropriate. Let’s try to understand.

Below are some types of testing:

1) Let’s start with Goal-driven testing. In this type of testing all tests that should be done proceed from the goals. There are actually 4 goals:

2) There is also Phase-driven testing. There are three kinds of phase testing examined below:

But who should perform all these kinds of testing?

The software developer is usually responsible for unit-level testing, developers and independent testers usually conduct integration testing together, in turn system testing is conducted sometimes by system engineers and by independent testers. It is worth noting that if the statistics-driven and requirements-driven testing do not require a deep knowledge of the software internal workings, then for conduction of risk-driven testing and structure-driven one involved specialists need to have such knowledge. Therefore, while such types of testing are conducted developers are often involved.

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