Should You Standardize Your Agile Teams?


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Standardize teamThe thirst for standards

It is commonly believed that standardization allows companies to improve the quality of goods and services they are providing. The work flow is fairly more organized and common. Thus a thirst of standardizing every single bit of the process so everybody could get used to it and fulfill his duties with closed eyes, one hand while jumping on one leg and jangling flaming chainsaws is commonly shared.

That is practically the same thing they are doing to Agile teams. They are trying to make them work by standards. At first, when they are only implementing some Agile teams amongst the steady rows of their workers they are more less ok with everything. They see the profit Agile brings and that is satisfying enough by itself. Yet the amount of such teams grows and the element of self-organization becomes unbelievable for the mind used to one way of the order of things.

Why not to?

Then Agile Coaches and Scrum Masters are stepping in and predefining the “proper” order of an agile project. They are making sure proper techniques are followed and order is sustained. That part has it’s plusses since the processes have proven themselves as appropriate and productive. Which is not so bad as people are not into something that may lead them to failure. Experience is experience. Yet here lies a border, a very thin one.

If anybody is to cross that border even a bit the organization is risking to lose all of agile benefits. The process will be something else thus all any company will be having is another transfer from one thing to another. That is not good at all.

Dear managers! Please remember there are no two identical agile teams existing. There is no possible measurement system and if you do poses any metrics its 99.9% chance that they are simply false and useless. Do not fall into the ‘standardization’ trap! Teach people the way, don’t transform them into statistical data!

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