Shifting Left With The 6th WCSQ

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A three day 6th World Congress for Software Quality took place in the Hilton Metropole in London this on the 1st-3rd of July, 2014 


WCSQ is bringing together all of the world’s leading QA experts in one place. The three day congress covers lots of various and important topics a modern, up-to-day QA specialist is bond to know. A partnership of the SDASQ (Software Division of the American Society of Quality) and SGEOQ (Software Group of the European Organization of Quality), the WCSQ is holding its 6th conference in London with its main topic – the “Shift Left”.

What was to like?

Let’s begin with London. A beautiful and mysterious city with ancient history and remarkable architecture. Then the congress itself was amazing. The “Shifting left” approach is really something the QA field is in need of right now. It is about a part of the underlying theory of QA. We shift tasks from the right hand side to its opposite – left. Thus quality can be increased. Isn’t it simpler to build it right from the start rather than test it right and loose time?

A lot has been said on the congress by respectful speakers, a lot has been shown on presentations. But it was not all work. Participants had quite the chance to have some fun. Especially at the celebration Dinner, which was held at Madame Tussauds venue with the black cab “Spirit of London” ride and the “Chamber of Horrors”.

What’ve we gained?

The BugHuntress participants have sure enjoyed their time being there. Lots of improvements were noticed thanks to the work of the speakers covering such interesting topics as automation test patterns, RDTA (Repository Driven Test Automation), TDD’s dark side, practical assessments and lot’s more. Even the coffee-breaks were productive, thanks to the ability of speaking to lots and lots QA specialists.  

This was an excellent experience for our team and they are looking forward to the next congress already.


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