Saying No to QA Leads

TestFortExpert by TestFortExpert on 04/28/2015

Saying No to QA Leads

Business Analysts are important people in the QA process as they deliver the value of requirements to testers. However they are also responsible for the entire Requirements package and are, at times, forced to say a solid “No” to people like QA Leads, which is difficult hence it’s his team you are currently caught in working with and his experience and proficiency as well as deep knowledge of all QA related matters have led him to his position. This may be intimidating at times.

However requirements do change, various processes take longer than expected and choices, difficult choices have to be made. Choices you, as a decent Business Analyst will be held responsible for. And if something fails you will be, without hesitations, able to take the blame proudly and if things work out the achievement will be 100% yours. However you are not a one-man army and opinions of others, especially QA Leads who are experienced also do have to matter and affect your own point of view. Where does one find balance?

When and how should you say your ‘NO” to QA leads?

Surely these are just a few examples of a vast amount of various possible scenarios, however, they should definitely set you up on the right track. Do you have anything you are willing to add? Please share on the comments.

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