Right Ways of Introducing Improvements to QA Processes


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Testing & QA

So your business has multiple QA processes around? But we do operate in the industry where shifts and changes that entirely revolutionize the world as we know it happen a little bit too often, hence maintenance of QA departments remains a serious issue to many businesses.

Here are several tricks we have executed throughout years in the industry and are certain such methods work:

  • Show respect to your tests. They are not just some people doing some expensive work developers refuse to. A software tester is not an entry-point job, it’s a profession, a calling even. You can never simply hire a software tester because ‘it’s a job anybody can do’, no! Look out for determined candidates who possess a certain curious mindset and can pay attention to even the smallest details. Respect begins there, when people are hired for being professionals and not just somebody who requires experience and has the potential to grow on further. Testers require coding skills as well if you are looking forward to productive QA sessions. And coding skills add value and respect amongst other departments (not too positive on the ‘why’ of this part, but it is a fact).
  • Fuse developers and testers into mixed teams if it’s possible. Make sure they are working as one united mechanism. Pair one tester with one developer and you will be amazed at achieved results and improvements in communication and collaboration.
  • Make sure your testers don’t report to any particular group, especially if those people are involved in scheduling and are responsible for deadlines. The reporting system must be independent. Testers can’t report to developers directly, if they are operating in different divisions unlike the scenario described in the previous bullet.
  • Train your testers in business. They must understand the value any solution under testing presents to the entire company and how vital quality is.

You will truly be surprised with the results these seemingly simple steps lead on to!

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