Right Choices: Picking Perfect Testing A/B Tool For Your E-Commerce Site


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Testing & QA

So imagine you are shopping for a kitchen table. You already have a particular table in mind. It should be round and made of oak. If you see a square table or a table made of different wood you realize it will not fit in so you just walk by in the search for whatever you desire. Things get a little bit more difficult when you are aware of what you may require but those particular things are not visible without a test drive.

Just imagine your website going slow, Java elements are not loading and shopping becomes irritating or even impossible because a minor thing you were testing. Would your shoppers tolerate that or will they leave and never return?

Choosing testing solutions

Surely there are KPIs which ought to include AOV and conversation rates however even all that data does not give you the full picture. The general impact this or that tool will cause on your business will be known, yes, but is ‘general’ enough? Areas of interest/worries you should pay attention to are:

  • Initial setup
  • How risky is the tool in use
  • Is it easy in ongoing use?

There was the ‘risk’ part you have probably noticed in the list above. How can a tool even be risky? There is always the unexpected part lurking around to take a bite at your business. That is exactly why a smart man chooses his tools as carefully.

Consider the following for your tool

  • Cloud-based tools have the edge with their cloud-based architecture that is also client-side. There are many reasons that are taking servers down and your testing solution should be 100% safe from such cases. Cloud-based tools mentioned above are operating independently from your e-commerce platform, your hosting center and your server. They are also offering various potential via implementing all sorts of different tasks and they also are highly scalable.
  • JS tags are usually placed somewhere around the bottom of your page. That is fine and acceptable as long as it’s not about the Test content. This way test content is not replacing the loaded Control content. It’s there from the start. However that is not all. You see tags are loading synchronously in the usual case which means a queue is involved and lots of time is required. And the testing tool you are probably looking for should load tags asynchronously. This means required content will be loading without regard to the rest of the JavaScript.
  • Surely you are aware that a butterfly in Massachusetts may cause a tsunami in Tokyo with a mere wave of wings. This does also mean that even the slightest changes on your site may result with devastating happenings making user experience terrible and shopping in general becomes impossible. You are to be aware with where you are headed so consider the following: does your tool inform you that your new campaign is impossible to be implemented in your current site version due this or that? No? Well, it should.

Paying attention to every possible detail before making the final decision on the tool you will be using on your live e-commerce solution is more than just an important habit. It is vital to your business.

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