Raising Outside the Box Approach in Your Manual Testing Sessions

TestFortExpert by TestFortExpert on 02/25/2015

Raising Outside the Box Approach in Your Manual Testing Sessions

I met my friend yesterday, a lovely youngster with a sparkle in his eyes about software testing. We don’t know each other for quite a long time but we got several niece chances of working together and got to know each other. So there was this one day when Simon, that’s right, his name was Simon, came to me with a question about thinking outside the box.

 “How do you always think outside your box? This is a real challenge to me hence my incapability of thinking in that manner makes me a terrible tester ” (which was false, hence Simon was a good tester with a lot of potential).

I have to tell you the truth. I just had no clear answer at that point. I’m no wise wizard with ages of experience and deep knowledge of every aspect of the universe. But the question made me thinking: may a mindset be taught? Can somebody learn outside box thinking?

After a while I figured out that the correct answers to the above questions are yes and yes. Here is how I helped Simon and hopefully will help some of you guys.

The course of action

The answer hit me when I accidentally did not choose the proper amount of sugar that was supposed to sink down my coffee (three lumps) when heaving breakfast on the go near a coffee machine. The drink I had was hot, black and all seemed fine. But the taste was awkward. Then I thought: if you are repeating something often enough it becomes a habit. So repeating the following might just do the trick for you and the outside box concept will root deep into your subconscious.

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