QA IS Not A Money-Eating Monster!


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Testing & QA

QA is expensive

cookie monsterQA is the part of any development project that is treated in the negative light by many involved people. Considering benefits that are being gained from appropriate software testing this concept may be called unreasonable at the very minimum.

Yes, you are spending money on QA and you are spending a lot of money on it. An astonishing number of man-days is being spent on QA. You are investing in hardware, software and specialists. You are investing in time that is crucial to any IT project as competitors may come up with a ready solution before you and will hence potentially dominate your market spot. But all of those resources are not a waste. They are investments.

Lack of QA is even more expensive

You will pay remarkably more if there were no tests in your projects or QA was implemented in a poor way. All possible defects may pop straight out like a genie from a bottle and they will be spotted by your users or may even be taken to advantage of hackers causing huge losses in your wallet, status and brand name. History is filled with various disasters of the IT world that could have been prevented and avoided with proper QA services. Here are several of the latest examples you have probably heard about:

  • Walmart and its website error. This event took place not very long ago. You probably remember all the fuss it has caused in the press. When users were logging in their personal accounts on Walmart’s site they could buy $500 worth projectors and monitors per $8.99. When Walmart spotted the error all the deals were canceled causing an outburst of rage from customers. The event hit Walmart’s sales dramatically. The glitch was most likely to take place due poor data validation and all that could have been avoided with a few tests.
  • Obama’s flagship hitting and iceberg. Healthcare policy, Obama’s visit card experienced a colossal punch when the new site failed after launch causing quite an amount of trouble too many people. After a funny circle of Republicans blaming Democrats and Democrats blaming IT when IT were blaming Healthcare an investigation was held and showed the site was first tested in a week before going live. Any other questions here?

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