Psychic Vision On: What Has The Future Prepared for Testers?


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Mobile Application Testing

What the future holds?

mcflyIt is in fact amazing how some of the craziest predictions from books and/or movies are entering our lives. Robots, space crafts, Wi-Fi. Can you even imagine people believing in tech like Wi-Fi or Bluetooth while reading about it (well, not quite it, but something similar) in books published in the forties? And nowadays tech predictions are even wilder. But we’ll get to that later.

How come writers are guessing what will come next? They look at trends. Trends do serve as messages on what to prepare to. Like now testers need to do more coding, that is a trend. Where will it lead? That is not too hard to follow. The same with further future. Imagine what you think would be cool for people to do. If enough men will support your idea mankind will be moving towards that direction. The same as the auto-pilot car from the Total Recall movie. We all remember it and now we have Google’s smart car. Nice, right?

But what does it give us, the tester community? More responsibility, that’s what. The new tech will get more advanced and human-involved. Software will require the best of quality because the lives of users will rely on it. What may go wrong if testing of a  mobile applications goes wrong? Some users will be frustrated. And if the software of a machine operated car glitches actual people may get hurt. Lots of them.

How to be prepared?

Analyze as much as you can. Mostly psychic vision is nothing more than mere analysis of trends, a bit of intuition as well as luck. Read more things that are related to your work and the circle of interest. If you are testing mobile applications then stay in the flow of events. Be interested in new methodologies. Gather as much as you can all together. Go through them, find the most promising and follow your instinct. Be the next Jules Verne.

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