Pro Tips For Awesome Mobile App Testing


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Mobile Application Testing

Understand the difference

Mobile application testing has more secrets than you may have expected. Any mobile app is different that it’s desktop cousin. The apps are smaller. And it’s not the space they are taking in the devices memory I am talking about. They are actually smaller and are displayed on smaller screens. It’s just harder for a user to constantly operate with a mobile device. Many things are still way easier to do on a PC or a laptop despite all the progress. Users are often completing tasks way longer due the app’s size. Even if you are porting your regular web application to a mobile platform you are to spare some time for physical testing.

The danger areas

Be sure to watch out for the following factors while testing:

  • Play with your app for a while. Be sure you are not experiencing any eye strain from looking at an app that is way too bright or perhaps the details are too small and it’s hard to focus on them when a small screen which is shaking in your hand.
  • Try operating your app for as long as you can. When do your fingers and arms start aching?
  • Be sure the app is bright enough to hide fingerprints on the screen.

Sure this may sound lame, yet such testing will not require much time and the app will be way more user-friendly. These aspect are easily forgotten especially if you are used to testing something Desktop-oriented. Yet users do love their comfort thus this is, as well, a fairly important field you and your team may dedicate several hours to. After all, only 100% satisfied users (as if that ever happens) are to determine whether you have done your job as a tester properly.

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