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Important Software Testing Documentation: SRS, FRS and BRS

Professionals working in software development and testing have to deal with specific kinds of requirement specifications when tackling a new product. Accurate and clear requirements are needed for a software development team to work on the creation ...

1 Nov, 2019 by 3 m read

How to Manage Technical Debt and Keep the Codebase at “Low” Tech Debt Level?

What defines the Quality of software? The number of bugs and errors. Many people would probably answer this way. But there is a much bigger concept that stands behind the code quality and the ability of developers to implement new features quickly ...

22 Nov, 2019 by 4 m read

What Is the Difference Between “Risk Management” and “Technical Debt Management“?

Information technology plays a crucial role in the success of many businesses. Companies rely on IT both in day-to-day operations and more challenging tasks. IT increases the efficiency of businesses, saves money, drives innovation and enables ...

27 Nov, 2019 by 3 m read

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