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User data security testing: keep it all safe

Data security is one of the biggest concerns these days. Because users want their apps to run on every device they acquire — it’s a real challenge for the apps’ owners to make them secure. However, there is a way to ensure the data is protected from ...

11 Oct, 2018 by 3 m read

Compatibility Testing: Excellent User Experience Through Various Types of Hardware

Compatibility testing helps ensure that after the release an app will operate correctly on the various gadgets, platforms, and computing environments. It predicts the vulnerabilities which are related to the different screen resolutions, browser ...

26 Oct, 2018 by 3 m read

How to Build a Perfect Workflow With Remote QA Teams – Step 1

You have got an idea of a useful, high-tech application. You have gathered a dream team of like-minded people – technical specialists, and those who can help you arrange the development process – first-class managers.

6 Jun, 2019 by 4 m read

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