Outsourced Testing: Arguments For and Against


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Outsourced Testing: Arguments For and Against

Today outsourcing has become a popular solution for small web and software development companies. It’s no wonder as outsource testing provides great results and has various advantages.

However, some companies still hesitate about using outsourcing the testing part offshore. The following analysis of this trend’s pros and cons will help your company choose between outsourcing and creating in-house testing team and decide on the best option for your individual purposes.

First, let’s consider the benefits outsource testing can give you.


  • Delegating the part of job to the third party, you ensure that the testing be done at the high level by people with proved testing expertise in a shorter period of time.
  • Since the testing is outsourced, the costs on creating a new infrastructure, buying the necessary expensive hardware and software are saved.
  • You don’t have to invest money in human resources for developing and training their testing skills either.
  • By leaving the testing stage to the partner organization your company has a better focus on its main course and objectives at hand.
  • In this way you also avoid any clashes of egos since a significant part of work is done by the third party. Since developers often have some issues on the stage of debugging with testers, in case of outsourcing they won’t have this opportunity.

Next, it’s also necessary to consider the obstacles you may face in the process of offshoring your testing part.


  • Many organizations appear nowadays to offer you offshore testing services and it’s getting more difficult to decide which of them deserves your trust particularly in case of high-importance projects.
  • To do appropriate testing you’ll have to present your testing partner some confidential information on the project. Since it’s difficult to ensure that the offshore testing company will respect your rights for Intellectual Property, this is another issue.
  • One more thing to consider is lack of control over testing activities and estimation of completion time in the offshore company. However it is mostly the case with fast tracking and project crashing that the time issue may occur.
  • You may as well face some law and settling disputes if the organization you’ve outsourced your testing to is located in another country. Some law inconsistencies requiring legal competence may interfere with the smoothly going process.

To conclude, we must say that you should estimate your capacities and the project characteristics to decide whether to use outsource testing services, but a sure thing is that this practice is successfully experienced by many companies nowadays helping them complete projects on time and thrive.

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