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Google TestingGoogle JS Test is a JavaScript unit testing framework running in the V8 JavaScript Engine, the same open source project that is in charge of Google Chrome’s extremely JS execution speed. Google JS Test works within several Google projects and is now released as an open source project.

Characteristics of Google JS Test are:

  • Super fast startup and execution time, no more need to run a browser
  • Clear, legible output for both passing and failing tests
  • An open browser-based test runner that can be updated any time JS is changed
  • Style and semantics are similar to Google Test for C++
  • An integrated mocking framework, requiring minimal boilerplate code (e.g. no $tearDown or$verifyAll calls), style and semantics formed on the Google C++ Mocking Framework
  • A system of matchers that allow expressive tests and easy to read failure output plus a lot of integrated matchers with the ability for the user to add his/her own.

Google JS Test

Visit the Google JT Test project home page for more info and the getting started page for a quick tutorial.

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