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appurifyAppurify is an app testing service that grants developers possibilities to remotely test native apps as well as apps, situated on cloud-connected Android and iOS gadgets. The platform of Appurify allows both automation and continuous integration testing.

Despite the fact that it’s now Google Appurify will remain a multi-platform solution and will keep supporting iOS based devices. One of its most promising features is assisting developers in handling fragmentation. It also supports a wide range of devices that are actually “plugged in” instead of virtual environment, allowing the test operators to be more precise while testing their apps, networks, etc.

Google Ventures was investing in the startup way before acquiring it making it one more example (This wasn’t the first nor, as I believe, the last time they did so, cause it works) of their company tactics. Appurify when purchased by Google made Apples latest testing acquirement – the Testflight look unfinished and incomplete. Although there are differences, such as Testflight is more oriented to manual testing when Appurify gives a better automation approach.

So what will all of this mean to

  • Google? Gaining a test platform that already has a decent base of clients and partners. Eliminates the need to deploy a separate infrastructure for allowing developers and businesses to have a native app-testing mechanism. Making competition to Apples TestFlight.
  • Appurify? Increase of chances for success in an overcrowded market. Allowing direct access to organizations that are investing in the Android platform and Android developers.
  • Testers & developers? New testing abilities. Testing can now be done across various accrual devices, networks, etc. right from the native tools that are at use at this very moment.
  • Mobile testing startups? A sign they’ve been waiting for. Young minds now can see clearly that testing platforms are big and needed. Everybody has a chance to become a part of something huge, if he tries hard enough.

So to me this acquisition is but one more signal that consolidation is beginning in the mobile space enterprise. Google has made it even clearer. From now on no mobile testing platform has to survive in this cruel world all by itself as a stand-alone solution only. It can be a part of bigger platforms if it’s willing to and is good enough.

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