It’s Not Too Hard to Be Amazing at Testing!


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It’s never hard to be awesome!

There are many people stating software testing is difficult and requires special people entirely dedicated to their cause and that enormous amounts of knowledge and will power are required to be a little bit better than average. And they are absolutely right as every industry I know requires trainings and additional practice and, with regards to the fact that software shifts and evolves with rapid leaps self-education is a necessity if you do want to remain up-to-date, skilled and demanded as a professional.

Nevertheless becoming a great software tester is relatively easier because of the human factor. Many people are occupying their positions without any passion and are not aimed at achieving particular goals. This is a sad fact however nevertheless it is true.

Don’t get discouraged!

If you wish to grow as a software tester you should never neglect additional ways of gaining knowledge. Tests should be your passion and attending conferences or reading a book about some new types of automation should be the way you relax rather than simple necessities.

But nobody in my team does any of that – one might say. Exactly! That is why becoming amazing and valued is relatively simpler; you simply face less competition. The more you study, the more you will stand out from the general crowd, your work will be notices and you will, over all, be a better tester and what may beat rocking at the job you love?

How’d that happen?

Why are there still lots of bad testers? The answer to this question is misty. Probably there are still many people that believe testing does not require any particular skillsets and are just happy in the position they are at right now without any opportunities of career or personal growth. Software testing outsourcing industry has several solutions which allow to eliminate such poor testers however you can either be one of them or you can become the king!

QA industry is now eliminating such misconceptions as well as such testers (if they even may be called that way) but for now you do have the chance to become a real star. It’s easy to shin in a dark room, don’t waste such an opportunity.

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