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This post will be entirely about puzzles designed to keep a tester’s mind sharp and ready. No tutorials on load testing services, nor how-to’s or tricks of decent regression. Just good old puzzles you will surely enjoy! Feel free to share answers in comments and don’t spoil your fun by looking there too soon! And here we go!

Just make sure you are a tester and answer accordingly:

  • What is the total amount of eggs you may freely put inside one empty basket?
  • So you have XI + I = X spelled with matches. Make it true… without ever touching, destroying or affecting neither the matches nor the environment they are placed at. No additional items for you to use either.
  • Name two words of four letters that may offend a tester or even ruin his work if not used together.
  • Name more than six words that start with an “s” you can wear on your feet.
  • Some IBM interview test questions to keep you thinking outside the box:
    • How would you be testing a chair?
    • How would you be testing a Window Frame?
    • How would you be testing a paper clip?
    • How would you be testing a pencil?
  • What would be the final result of the following?
    • Matt Perryman beat Tomas Krent and Timmy Samson. Steven Sliter beat Timmy Samson, Tom Krentan All Ardoman. Zachery Tiger lost to Peter Piper. Gordon Badfellow beat Tom Trent. Zachery Tiger beat Tobias Flinstone. Gordon Badfellow lost to Tobias Flinstone and Peter Piper. Tomas Krent beat Brian Brick. All Ardoman beat Zach Zebra, Kevin Kingfisher and Gordon Badfellow. Kevin Kingfisher lost to Gordon Badfellow and Matthew Merryman. Brian Brick beat Kevin Kingfisher. Matt Perrymanlost to Alan Ardman and Zach Zebra. Tobias Flinstone beat Tom Trent, Matt Perrymanand Brian Brick. Tomas Krentlost to Timmy Samson and Alan Ardman. Timmy Samson beat Gordon Badfellow and Simon Stick.

Hope you will have some fun solving this!

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