Myth-busting: Security Testing is Something Only A Badass Hacker May Do


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You are to have advanced skills and special secret tools from your personal hacker-cave to be good at penetration testing, right? Well, not too much as, basically it just takes a good software tester to make a decent pen tester. As easy as that. But let’s get deeper. Every single tester that has some decent skills and passion in his job is capable of many powerful things.

What does a Pen Tester do as his job in white-hat hacking? He is looking for flaws and bugs in software (well, most of the time). Does that not sound familiar? How may a software tester make the application more secure without putting much effort?

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  • First of all testers are often a bit carried away with their job and are putting too much effort for everything to work as planned. They care not on how the thing is actually working at the first place. And that is where most hackers are finding the apps soft belly. Just imagine how hard would hacking be if you knew that your app is working fine and were sure with why’s it working and that this here fix is not making a fatal opening.
  • Secondly most testers are simply discouraged with themselves in something that goes beyond their comfort area. For some unknown reason many people consider security testers to be hackers-demigods or something of that sort. Thus many testers are not sure they could do the same.

Where do most limitations of software testers come from?

Software Requirements are holding most of tester limitations. They are mostly written from a way to right perspective. Meaning correctly written software will assist users with this or that and everybody is happy. That is the goal of the requirements. And, for sure, testers will be doing their job based on such a goal.

And what if, just if there were several different user stories and use cases? Some security requirements? Just try considering if a user will attempt doing something he was never supposed to? If you have all that in your requirements your testers will go and test all that. And what did just happen? Most of security testing was just done by your developer and tester teams.. Do more exploratory testing and you are pretty sure your app is secure with 90% of security testing done. Magic!

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