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‘Must Test’ Checklist for Your Drupal Site

TestFortExpert by TestFortExpert on 04/24/2014

‘Must Test’ Checklist for Your Drupal Site

drupal checklistWhile writing a Drupal site, you should ensure you’ve tested it carefully before turning your product over to the client. In case the customer discovers any significant issue, it can degrade their trust as well as cost sales if that problem alone is enough to block visitors’ on-site interaction ability. As you can see, quality assurance testing is really very important.

Thus, consider the following checklist of items you should test on your Drupal website before going live.

Before launch

Finishing touches

There can be many more items on your production QA testing checklist. These items are just the major things you should check for your Drupal sites besides browser testing, SEO and lots of other aspects involved in launching your website.

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