Most Common and Useful Tips for Agile Testers


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Who is agile tester?

Agile tester is a skilled professional who guides and controls the product development team in order to make sure that the product and its features behave as it should and no bugs involved. He makes conversations with owners or stakeholders of the product to have a clear vision of the features. He needs to understand all the features with maximum clarity, so all the team would be on the same page about the product and its features.

Useful Tips:

Agile testers should be technically experienced, cooperate with people well to automate tests and also do additional exploratory testing. Also agile testers should be capable to ensure that the non-functional requirements are also met.

Agile tester is a member of a team who drives agile testing. Not necessary that he or she starts with agile testing on the first place, meaning that most of agile testers used to start with some other area of specialization and only after certain time decided to become an agile tester.

The agile team should always look forward to bring the best product ever. For that the whole team and its members should be well-organized, disciplined, have time to learn new things, make experiments and be able to collaborate with each member of a testing team.  Creative, results-oriented, craftsman-like, open-minded, ready to take any task and an ability to see a bigger picture are the components of a mind-set of a successful agile tester.

The principles that are valuable and vital for an agile tester are:

  • Always give a feedback.
  • Bring on the value to the customer.
  • Manage face-to-face communication.
  • Be courageous.
  • Make it easy.
  • Deliver constant enhancement.
  • React to modifications.
  • Be self-disciplined.
  • Be focused on people.
  • Enjoy the process.

A good agile tester can make a significant impact and contribution on a positive outcome of a project. Thus, it is necessary to have the above mentioned qualities to succeed. and follow the above-described tips to achieve the result.

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