More Than Meets the Eye in Software Testing: Wrong Things You Believe Are True


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Surely many words may now be written about competition on the market, overfed users and true value and importance of software testing but, apparently people unaware of that are way out the market now, probably broke or working on mistakes. But, apparently, though true value of testing is well known there are still many spread misconceptions that are harming quality of software released to the world even today. Some of the most harmful of such misconceptions will be listed below:

  • Testing has to be done only after development is dealt with. Surely some time ago software life-cycle was something around get clear with goals – design up to them – write appropriate code – test the written code. But those were the older days. Nowadays with all the available tools and methodologies 70% of testing may and is to be done before the code is complete actually.
  • Not everybody can test. Testing is not mindless button-clicking to find out whether things may go wrong. Nowadays testing involves large skills in coding and communication at the very minimum without even mentioning a very specific mindset every good tester is to poses.
  • Testing reduces costs rather than increasing them. It’s a fact if only it is used wisely and throughout the entire development cycle for both long and short termed projects. Well, it will indeed increase costs if used as an ‘after all code is done’ extra activity, but that particular misconception was already highlighted in the first bullet.
  • Testing is not eliminating all the bugs, it is reducing their amount and is dealing with the important ones first. Code maintains defects. That is an axiom. Fixes are not different as they are also code and may cause bugs. Surely one may spend decades on one project just to make it perfect and this approach may even work in theory, yet it will require too many resources and time and it is inconsiderable to make constant updates to such a project. Testing is not to eliminate defects. It is to highlight the really important ones and this is a fact everybody is simply to live with.

Surely there are many more misconceptions occurring software testing but most of them are taking their roots in this top 4, thus be aware and don’t make mistakes others have already committed.

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