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More Tester-Fit Puzzles!

TestFortExpert by TestFortExpert on 05/28/2015

More Tester-Fit Puzzles!

Puzzles all differ in shapes and sizes from various unresolved encryptions as the well-known Cicada, for example, or they may be simple questions that test your math skills or logic. One thing is for sure: if you are a tester, you love trick-questions.

Hey, everybody lost their minds some time ago when Google published a book about how they are doing software testing. It went viral and every last company has something implemented from that very book. But what about Google’s interview questions? Isn’t the process of them hiring people not as important?

So I was interested about this matter at some point and came across several of just such questions, some of which may even be considered riddles or puzzles and a thought hit me: those are great brain-trainers for software testers. We do need to keep our mind sharp, right?

It’ brainstorm time, kids!

Here are several puzzles, disguised as interview questions aimed to trigger logic, creativeness, rational thinking, etc. what to give them a shot?

Now, that the “easy” part is over, let’s get to some really hardcore questions:

Please share your answers in the comments! And no googling =)

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