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Puzzles all differ in shapes and sizes from various unresolved encryptions as the well-known Cicada, for example, or they may be simple questions that test your math skills or logic. One thing is for sure: if you are a tester, you love trick-questions.

Hey, everybody lost their minds some time ago when Google published a book about how they are doing software testing. It went viral and every last company has something implemented from that very book. But what about Google’s interview questions? Isn’t the process of them hiring people not as important?

So I was interested about this matter at some point and came across several of just such questions, some of which may even be considered riddles or puzzles and a thought hit me: those are great brain-trainers for software testers. We do need to keep our mind sharp, right?

It’ brainstorm time, kids!

Here are several puzzles, disguised as interview questions aimed to trigger logic, creativeness, rational thinking, etc. what to give them a shot?

  • Let’s start things easy: how many ping-pong balls are required to fully stuff a school bus?
  • One more seemingly tricky question: how much do you wish to charge for washing every single window in NYC?
  • Here’s a brain-cracker: why do they make round manhole covers?
  • Try to design a decent evacuation plan for LA!

Now, that the “easy” part is over, let’s get to some really hardcore questions:

  • Here is a fun one: Imagine you have been shrined in size to a nickel, when your mass was reduced proportionally, thus your original density remains the same and, wait for it, you have been placed inside an empty blender. Blades will begin spinning in a minute. What would your actions be?
  • How would you explain a database to a ten-year-old with 3 simple sentences?
  • You must pass a note to Bob through Ginny. The note contains your actual phone number, yet Ginny cannot be trusted, hence the message has to be encrypted. And you have to gain a positive response from Bob, clearing the fact your number was delivered properly. How will you pull this one off?
  • How come “dead beef” is significant?
  • There was once a man who has pushed his own car straight to a hotel. That man lost his fortune. What happened?
  • You have 2 eggs and a 100-story building. These eggs are exactly the same and if you toss them out the window there are equal odds that they will either break or survive the fall despite the heights, You may toss them from the first floor or the hundreds floor, no matter. Chances remain the same. They will either break or they won’t. What is the highest floor you can throw them from without breaking? And how many drops will you have to make to find out?

Please share your answers in the comments! And no googling =)

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