More QA Offshoring Tips (Meetings)


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QA Offshoring is a vital step many companies make to improve quality of their products at lower costs. Offshoring also allows better focus on other business processes due QA is being conducted elsewhere by fully equipped and well-managed teams that do not require any support from the side of the product owner.


A lot has already been said about all the benefits software testing offshoring may provide businesses with, so we will not be focusing on this aspect and the context of this article is moved towards several practical tips due this very reason. So, here are several more tips for you:

These practices allow offshoring and QA outsourcing reach amazing results where only sky is the limit.

  • Be specific and define all QA processes with maximum clarity. You have requirements your outsourcing provider has to meet with. To do so, you have to ensure your partner fully understands exactly what you require, especially when QA is being considered as there are too many things that can be tested in too many ways; however your budget is limited nevertheless. Try the following:
    • Start with a meeting. Its goals should be setting and defining key requirements and procedures. You can also interview main stakeholders thus ensuring everyone is in position and personal as well as shared responsibilities are clear to all.
  • Arrange a meeting (series of meetings throughout the entire project) which should define possible risks, costs of fixing them and the price of potential failures. Define potential high-risk areas and prioritize their testing.
  • Scheduling meetings that would fit all parties may be hard due differences in the time zones. If one team constantly suffers during such meetings due the start is scheduled too late or too early, you will probably get nowhere. You are left with e-mails and phone calls that are effective during the day, yet are do not provide appropriate meeting potential. This leads us to the best possible practice of video calls. They should be scheduled in the golden middle between time zones so both teams feel comfortable.
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