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LoadUI is an open source and fully free tool for load testing. It allows you to do load tests in complex and also test the performance. For doing the last thing you have only to drag the different application components.

LoadUI allows you to create and even update test cases at the time you run them, and this makes the tool very useful and powerful testing app. Another thing that makes LoadUI very helpful for the tester is a high usability which comes with its visual interface and simple design along with the flexibility according to the ability to make changes in the test cases.

How To Work With LoadUI

LoadUI is made of special blocks called Components. You drag them from the Components Toolbar simply to the project you’re going to test. All the components are going to be connected to each other by some wires and also there is no limit to the number of them you are using while testing.

This way of testing, which could be called drag-and-drop testing, is very useful when doing complex load tests. The tool makes it easy to try different combinations of components not interrupting the actual test.

Creating A Test

If you’re ready to create tests on LoadUI, you need at least two components:

  • a generator ( it creates load, 100 requests for second, for example)
  • a runner ( it runs the necessary type of test)

As an example, I can suggest you to run Web Page Runner and Fixed Rate Generator. Before running, you have to connect them. To do this you have to connect the components to each other by their nodes of terminals, which located above and below the components. When everything’s connected you should enter the website you’re going to test into the Web Page Runner.

The test is ready to run. It’s easy to make your generator sending requests to the site by clicking the play button in the top.

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