Let’s Break Us Some Software! System Interface Attacks!

TestFortExpert by TestFortExpert on 01/8/2015

Let’s Break Us Some Software! System Interface Attacks!

One does not simply break software. We have already learned that lesson well enough. Thus team of BugHuntress testing laboratory has decided to make this series of posts related to the fun part of testing that involves a lot of breaking things other people have worked hard on. Nice, right?

We have already discussed ways software may be broken through UI so we will now be discussing several ways of doing the same via attacking the system’s interface. Inputs, made from the file system are quite similar to the ones from a user. Yet there are more dangers lurking around as multiple applications are excepting weird user input when the files are expected to be quite consistent with this or that specified format. Mostly attacks here may be divided into two main categories:

So we may now move on to the chase and begin with our


Or you may try performing attacks via the Operating System as well.

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