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Software testing is hard and fun at the same time. Testers do a lot of work, yet they always enjoy it (those who don’t do not stick for too long). And, considering we all love our jobs very much we are always eager to find out something new, like fun stuff that can be chattered about during coffee breaks. What do we usually talk about with other people? Random stuff, right? Well, here is a nice list of purely random QA stuff you will definitely enjoy knowing:

  • QA as an industry started its march towards success and global recognition during World War II. Ammunition back then needed to be tested as when bullets are whistling above your head performance of your own weapons is insanely valid.
  • In the beginning QA’s task was to ensure the product works. Today’s QA goals are in ensuring all potential errors are eliminated before the release. We went way beyond simply checking performance over past years.
  • QA is different. Despite all teams are guided with same goals (quality) different tools, solutions and equipment are used in every single QA project.
  • Quality cannot be measured. It can only be achieved. This makes QA the only industry where employees go in combat blindly and still succeed in delivery.
  • Unmeasurable does not mean performed in chaos. QA, as any other complex process needs to be done in a pre-determined, well-planned systematic way.
  • Testing is more important than coding. Not to business, but to end users.
  • Testing would not exist without coding mistakes. Thank developers for sloppiness.
  • Free tools will never work as you wish them to.
  • And there is nobody to complain to when they fail.
  • There are official regulations that define QA like ISO 9000 and CMMI.
  • You can test software by performing some actions. And you can test software by doing nothing. Both ways lead to results. Try simple monitoring some times to get a better picture.
  • ISO 9000 was published back in 1987 and despite all drastic changes is still valid. People could make things work back in the day.
  • Defects are not necessarily bugs.
  • Bugs are always defects.
  • No up-to-date company would risk releasing anything of value without QA. You, fellow testers have all the power over entire Enterprises!
  • Automation does not resolve everything. It never did and never will do so.

Have fun at your coffee break!

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