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KIF VS Frank: Useful Comparison Of Integration Frameworks For iOS

TestFortExpert by TestFortExpert on 04/3/2015

KIF VS Frank: Useful Comparison Of Integration Frameworks For iOS

iOS is a great platform that offers rich functionality and is amazingly designed from the Agile Development concept with a slight difficulty. Agile is centered on automation tests and requires lots of them when iOS cannot boast with a vast range of possibilities and tools on this frontier.

However there are several splendid frameworks available for your use and comfort granting you the ability of choosing the best fitting one. But you do have to know your cards before you begin hence we are providing this little comparison just for you.


We are seeing an objective-C based framework designed for acceptance testing. This framework was originally written in Square. Now, that the introductions are over let’s get to the strong sides of the framework and it’s weaknesses:



Conclusion: If Objective-C tests is what you love need or will be using for whatever else reasons you may go for KIF.


Frank gives itself the credit of being the Selenium for iOS. Although I’m not buying that the framework however deserves some attention. If you want a piece of Frank you will require injecting a small framework sample inside your apps special build. The framework will be doing the job of a local server. You will be able of interacting with that server throughout your testing session. Commonly tests are written either in Ruby or Cucumber.



Conclusion: despite all pitfalls this solution is OK and loved in the community however I can’t say it is my thing.

The rest is your choice, guys as you will be the ones caught in the iPhone app testing session.

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