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Keys to successful QA Team Organizing

TestFortExpert by TestFortExpert on 04/30/2012

Keys to successful QA Team Organizing

QA team

A professional QA team leader knows that in order to achieve better results, to make the work highly-organized and profitable it is always necessary to arrange separate employees in such a way so that everyone of them could perform a particular role and function and cooperate with each other. That is why Team Building is so crucial for better projects accomplishment and goals achievement. Software testing activity is not an exception from this point of view. Organizing a qualified and solid team will help to save time resources by sharing responsibilities, obtain good results and work in pleasant and calm atmosphere when everyone is always ready to help and ensure another.

In order to build a successful team it is always worth remembering several points:

Here is necessary to say some words about certifications as they will obviously give the team members a good stimulus, confidence in their own potential and knowledge and ability to work harder on more complicated projects.

For Testers is crucial to know as much as it is possible about the application or certain features that they are to test as this will help them to understand better all the process from the very beginning, the peculiarities of functioning and thus to pass by quite a lot of mistakes. It is a useful practice for a team leader to organize frequently short meetings where all the members will share their thoughts, experience and results achieved. Such discussions can involve testers with different tasks and experience so that more knowledge about the application is shared.

Regardless on which project the testers are working, it will be quite useful for them to possess knowledge not only about the particular application but also about the sphere connected with it. It will help them to be more opened in mind and testing methods they are using and thus will result in more defects and bugs found. This also makes sense for their future activity as the information obtained will make it easier for them to cope with the projects connected with the same sphere.

It may sound weirdly but every member of a tester team should understand that all of them have the same goal to achieve and the better will be the result of the team in general, the better reward will obtain every its member in particular. Each one of them should not forget than he is not working alone and from the successful accomplishment of his part of work sometimes depends how good his colleague will cope with his task. A well done work should be always encouraged and rewarded by a team manager as it will motivate for further successful activity not only the tester rewarded but also another members of the team.

To put a long story short Team Organizing requires quite a lot of work and efforts applied both from a team leader side and each member of the team. But the results obtained in case of a successful team management are worth the diligence applied and time spent.

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