Key Testing Features For Desktop, Client Server And Web Applications


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Desktop Application Testing, Web Application Testing

Some people are still confused and reaching a deadlock about blurred distinction between Desktop, Client server and Web testing. But this article will shed the light on the key testing features of these kinds of testing.

When you are moving from desktop to web systems, you should be concentrated on the environment, as exactly the environment of the testing systems is that key feature which makes Desktop, Client server and Web testing differ from each other. So each of three testing systems is tested in different environment.

Ways of testing:

Desktop application should be launched on PC and work places, so if you exercise the desktop system you are concentrating your attention upon a certain environment. You have to test the whole application in detail in such groups as Graphical user interface, functionality, Load, back-end i.e DB.

When it comes for client server application, here you need a couple of elements to exercise. System is driven only on the server computer when application exe is started on all client computers. You need to exercise in detail the following groups: Graphical user interface on all its sides, functionality, Load, interoperability of the client and server, back-end. In the main such environment is exploited in Intranet nets. You also get information about quantity of clients and servers as well as their localities in the test script.

And finally, web application is the most complicated for the tester among other applications mentioned above. That is because the one who tests web application can not completely control the application. This application is launched on that server machine which locality can be either known or unknown and there is no installed exe on the machine of the client that is why you need to exercise it using different web browsers. Normally, web applications should be tested both on various browsers and operating system platforms in detail. The principal target of exercising?? web application is to reveal if the browsers and operating system are comparable. It is also useful for handling different kinds of errors, back-end and load testing.

So now you are well-informed about the environment of these three subkinds of testing systems. We hope this knowledge will be useful for increasing your work efficiency.

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