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It’s A Trap! The Kind Of Trap Any Software Tester May Fall Into…

TestFortExpert by TestFortExpert on 12/25/2014

It’s A Trap! The Kind Of Trap Any Software Tester May Fall Into…

No one is safe from making mistakes. Especially in the software testing and quality assurance business. It is just that some mistakes are more of a ‘trap’ kind of thing as many people are falling for them. Despite being trapped is not a great thing by default there are always positive ways of looking at trouble. If somebody has been trapped before you and made his way out so can you so it will be easier due shared experience.

Thus here is a little list of common traps many testers are falling to during their careers. Despite these pitfalls seem obvious and well known they are still proving to be dangerous as hell without appropriate knowledge and skill this post will share with you.

  1. Why am I testing this? Surely you have, sometimes, been through a meeting when a developer is explaining all about the new awesome feature that requires testing, everybody seems to know all about and your only thought is “what on earth is going on and who are these people?” Surely you may sit looking smart and nod to whatever smart things and aspects the developer is telling your team, but watch out! It’s a trap! What are the ways of getting out of this situation with honor?
    1. Ask questions. Don’t be shy, after all that is what the entire meeting is about, making the feature clear to testers. Surely, asking good questions is also a skill you have probably mastered or will do so shortly but the hardest part here is to overcome stress and to begin the conversation. There is honestly nothing wrong with you not understanding to their full extent, all the aspects so get them clarified. That’s how you will be treated as a true professional and not by failing tasks you will never be good with due lack of information.
    2. Think before you act. After asking all the questions you required to get clear with things you are to analyze and sort all the gained dada in your head making sure you are aware of how things are going and how all the things are truly meant to go.
  2. What should I test now? Surely you have been in such a nasty situation when you simply ran out of ideas on what to test and how to test it. There are several ideas that may help you here as well:
    1. Try thinking about it outside the box. Surely this advice may seem obvious or even cheesy, yet simply try it. Just kick whatever it is you currently are testing outside your head and try moving in an opposite direction. You will definitely find something good there.
    2. Try working in pairs. One head is good, two are better.
  3. I’m missing too many defects. Partial blindness is common to testers and it has fairly negative effects as even critical bugs may be overseen. When a tester is doing something monotonous it will be hard to fully focus on the meaningful things as they tend to look just like everything else. What may be done?
    1. Forget test cases for a while. This does not mean you are to neglect test cases, you are to simply use a different approach. Simply get certain on why’s the case presenting value and what are its most important aspects. Then consider various ways you may test the case with, combine and switch approaches and you will avoid partial blindness.
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