Is There A World Beyond Test Cases?

TestFortExpert by TestFortExpert on 04/15/2015

Is There A World Beyond Test Cases?

A tests case is not the entire world, you know. Let’s imagine you are testing mobile applications. You have a script and your requirements. You have test cases up and ready along with your trusty tools. But is that really all it takes to perform decent tests? Don’t get my writing wrong, planning is important however it is not something ant tester should primarily rely on.

Just ask yourself if you have tested all you could straight out of that product of yours and were your efforts applicable to the project scope? Did you really do your best to make sure no bug runs free even if it was more your test plan required? If the answer to these questions is a solid ‘yes’ you are probably a great testers and you don’t actually have to read the following part of this post, however if you have doubts just go through the nice advices listed below:

If you want one, here is a little checklist for nice testers that are great with their jobs. It’s not some kind of a necessity, but positive answers to these following questions do mean you have a better time testing and perhaps are better than several of your colleagues:

If you answer yes to all I’d call it a job well done!

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