Is Software Testing a Dying Art?


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For starters we are to get certain with what is the Testing I will be writing about here and what do I mean by the loud ‘Dying Art’ phrase. Surely the world is shifting and evolving. IT development has many issues to deal with and many solutions to develop in fields like mobile, web, cloud, big data, etc. And, surely appropriate tools have been considered to provide solutions of high quality.

How is one sure in software quality? Bu testing it, of course. So, if all that mentioned above is being tested why is testing dying? Well, testing is far from dying actually, it’s just testing is different nowadays. I will not be writing about Unit Tests and other kinds of automated scripts and all those fancy three lettered driven developments. Surely those activities are of colossal value to software quality and are to be present. I will be writing about the actual Art of testing, from a capital A, when a tester is doing his best to create ways of breaking the application. Why is such Testing dying nowadays?

Developers are great with all, but testing creatively

A developer will be great with creating a particular solution. He will also be amazing with testing it via unit tests and scripted automation tests. That is great. That is needed. But that is not all that may be gained from testing. Why is that?

If any developer is creating a wheel he will make sure it is spinning in both directions and is round, as was required. Surely those are great parameters to make sure in. what will a tester do during a session of exploratory testing? He will try spinning the wheel in both conditions similar to tropical forests of Brazil, a sandy beach of Australia and will make sure the wheel is of the same quality if rotated by a complete penguin (if you know what I mean) in the South pole. It’s just those unexpected and unlikely little things that matter most to proper quality of any solution.

Is Agile killing the Art of testing?

Heh, no, no! Stop hitting me with heavy objects! Agile is great (if used right) and has done greatly for today’s world of software development. But, in agile, testing is done by developers in most cases which is leading us to the previously raised issue. All is being automated and TDD/BDD-ed. Which is great but, simply not enough.

There is to be room for exploratory testing even in Agile conditions as that is the place where most fun and unexpected defects are being explored.

The biggest testing killer ever is, wait for it…

People cheap on budgets. Most of the exploratory testing, especially in Agile environments is not done simply because testers are never hired hence unit tests are already covering almost all the code. Why thrust for more? But how may you expect true quality without investing in it? It will be hard to convince managers with the fact your team requires a tester, but the activity is worth the shot. Trust me, as this is the only way in assuring your team is doing what is required, meaning software quality testing.

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