Is Showing Everyone The Tests In process A Good Thing?


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True beauty has to be shown, yet the process… Not so much

showing processHave you ever watched any fashion shows or beauty contests? The ladies there look amazing, yet when pictures of them without the 173.39 layers of makeup are draining into the web, wow! How’d she win something except that wrestling match with an alligator she occasionally has on Sundays? The same may be applied to software testing as, I believe, to anything you are selling if the customer wants the result rather than the process. And they always do.

What is wrong with sharing information? Nothing, nothing at all as long as it’s not the first software testing project of your customer or if he was acquainted to it before. Otherwise he may be shocked and definitely unpleased with your work (the work you are actually great with by the way, it’s just that the customer is not aware of that fact as he has nothing to compare to).

What may go wrong?

Ok, let’s imagine a hypothetical situation. We have a tester working for your company. His name’s Dave. Say hello to Dave everybody! – Hi Dave!

Dave here is doing some automation for the customer-X. And his automation scenario batches are resulting with, let’s say 5-10% of failure rate. That may be something around 6-12 failed checks or whatever the number you will place here. What is going on here (and Dave, as well as the entire testing team are aware of) is that those bugs are mostly crawling from the automated checks and the product under test is safe and sound.

But is customer-X aware of all that when he is seeing a report of 12 bugs? He may get terrified as we was simply glimpsing through the provided test data out of mere curiosity. He will get the digits themselves. And customer-X will not be aware whether those are product bugs or something temporary. That will transfer into some unnecessary explaining, time wasting and tons of male. Is it not easier to simply show the result with all the makeup?

Write automated checks in a sandbox, eliminate the bugs, then publish. Everybody’s happy and it’s not too hard to do, right?

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