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How To Impress Your QA Company From Day One In There?

TestFortExpert by TestFortExpert on 11/3/2014

How To Impress Your QA Company From Day One In There?

It is always hard to begin with something new whether it’s a new car, a new job or even a new country you are moving to. But if it’s switching a job that is on your mind this post is designed for you specially. There has been a lot said and written about finding the best place to work, creating a great CV or even about the trickiest of questions you may expect on a job interview. But what if all those steps are already in the past and tomorrow is your first day as a tester in a new company? Well, the approaches you make take differ on your actual experience.

If you are all new to testing ant it’s your first job in QA

If we are talking of your very first day with testing you are to stand out and get noticed. Many companies have a very interesting approach to entry-level QA positions (an approach requiring vast adjustments if you ask me but hey, I’m not the one making decisions for very company out there). Companies are hiring people they believe might have potential in the future. And, regarding the fact that not much tech skills are required from the very beginning, lots of people are being hired and then fired (or many are leaving on their own) when new ones are hired again. Such a cycle is taking about six month within which you are to be noticed. Your primary goal for these firs days is making your QA Lead or Manager to actually decide the team won’t be the same without you and you are quite valuable to the entire company.

How to make such an impression? For starters you are to become more tech savvy in the field that matters to you. It’s most likely your very first task will be quite difficult (just to determine the people that have potential) and, afterwards, you won’t be forced to do any serious tasks that may seem challenging for quite a while. For starters you will need to study all that is related to your subject matter. It’s better if you have already done it before even attending your interview yet if you haven’t it’s not too bad, as you still have several weeks of time. Be sure to learn about:

This may seem like quite a vast amount of things to learn but don’t get all frightened from the start. The first things expected from you will be your soft skills. If you are quite communicative and are good with proper and understandable bug reports you are safe to go and study tech skills after business hours. Be friendly from the very first day. Communicate as much as possible and you will be noticed from day one. Trust me, communication tricks are doing it for you from your very first several minutes at your brand new job.

If it’s not your first rodeo

If you are an experienced tester with lots of experience in multiple projects behind your back the first day at a new job may still be very intimidating. Your main objectives from day one are simply your well known soft skills. Be friendly to everybody and you’ve got it covered! Also be sure to show as much skill as you’ve ‘boasted’ about in your CV as this criteria is what will be monitored by your managers in the nearest few weeks.

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