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In this article we will talk about iCheckWebsite: we’ll try to explain you the main idea and extreme benefit for testers who work in the web application domain with website checking.

iCheckWebsite is a special tool used for an on-demand test automation and monitoring content at the websites. This magic tool makes it so simple not only to test and then monitor website content for accessibility compliance, but look for engine optimization and quality as well.

So now you have an idea about iCheckWebsite. But in this post we will pay most attention to the test automation, while the content monitoring we will leave for the next time.

iCheckWebsite application for testing website appears to be quite simple. If taking such a criterion as capabilities, it is interesting to notice that iCheckWebsite is inferior to Selenium/WATIR, but still it is simpler. When we compare Selenium, WATIR, Sahi and some other tools by criterion of a robot, they appear to be like toolkits. With the help of these toolkits you get an opportunity to create lots of robots according to your needs – if you’ve got technical expertise, resource and, of course, time.

However, iCheckWebsite refers to the ready-made types of robot, so it can be used in less than half a minute. But, such type of robot can perform only checks that are built into it. If you use iCheckWebsite, learning of some new tools, scripting language and framework are not necessary for you. The only things you need to do are using and scheduling it, looking at the reports.

iCheckWebsite resembles a mix of scheduler, crawler and rule engine. It turns the performance of lots interesting checks at the whole website into an incredibly easy task. And what really surprises is that it takes you only a minute to check a few pages of the website or 1000 pages portal. This tool is based on the web and this is a very useful feature: you can forget about installations and configuration before the usage, a browser and Internet access are the only thing you may need.

There are just some examples of the checks that can be executed when using iCheckWebsite:

  • Broken links on the page shouldn’t be met.
  • HTML/xHTML and CSS have to be valid.
  • Headers or Footers have to be consistent at every page.
  • Search box has to be at every page.
  • Images, objects and video must have alt text related to them.

You can use iCheckWebsite in various ways and scenarios. Some of them are described below:

  • Migration of the website to some other platform, so you have to assure “sanity” of this website and content after the process of migration.
  • Content is created on the daily or hourly base, so you have to assure that content follows good practices of not only SEO but accessibility as well.
  • You test websites on utest, 99tests and are in need of going through few checks at once.

We are sure if you’ve been or are part of those projects where such things can make sense. So you have an opportunity to start a free plan.

Realizing the importance of providing service on agreed terms, we consider all possible risks and provide efficient solutions for all possible risks and provide efficient solutions.


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