Hunting Bugs On CAST

TestFortExpert by TestFortExpert on 09/11/2014

Hunting Bugs On CAST


CAST is an annual conference wish is held by The Association for Software Testing. In took place in NY this august.  CAST is a place where every tester no matter what his skills and knowledge-base are will find something of his own. Lots of important issues are raised in multiple subjects. From hard math and physics to flexible soft sciences like psychology. Any tester will find what he was looking for there.

Why did all those people go to CAST?

At this CAST 2014 there were a lot of interesting speakers that were sharing some interesting and experience-based stories, tricks and methodologies. That was indeed a priceless piece of knowledge. A lot was said about bending some rules and expressing creativity which are useful things any tester should be able to do in order to complete his job on the whole 100% from his side. Hacks can be useful too sometimes, you know what I mean?

What was gained by the BugHuntress team?

There were some excellent full-day tutorials on 11 of august. Each was led by an expert in his field thus helping every one with a bit of desire to fully understand some particular testing practice. Then there were the 12-13 of August with even more fun from CAST. Each presentation was supported with a lecture and the ability for every single participant to ask questions that matter to him the most. And to get answers. Yet, with all the knowledge there in the meeting halls the real magic took place in the hallways and dining places where everybody could chat, talk and laugh as well as share some experience with respected colleagues. A truly unforgettable event that was.

PS: An extra awesome thing that happened in NY on the 13th of August was that we actually saw Jessica Alba in Soho, NY and almost got an autograph) One of our teammates loves her like so much. It were some 100% fun August days. We miss NY.

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