How’s Testing As Important As Speed To A Startup


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Testing & QA

Speed is everything to us!

– Hurry up, we have to launch in fifteen minutes?

– But we have just started to work over our project! It’s still day one?

– So what? Our competition is already launching their product!

Does this conversation sound familiar? If yes, it’s not your firs rodeo with startups. Common sense and logic is telling you that you are to go live as fast as possible as it’s a fairly cruel world we are living in and the possible competition is way over our heads. Time to market is quite critical in the modern world and the saying ‘done is way better than perfect’ is what fits here the best. Even people like Reid Hoffman, the co-founder of LinkedIn are saying things like: If the first version of your product was not an embarrassment you have launched late! A statement one couldn’t agree more with.

But you are not to get carried away with such ideas as not giving a damn about quality of your application and saving time on testing is something you can not afford your startup to do. And here is why…

Why testing can’t be sacrificed?

Sure speed is relevant, yet testing is not something you may afford neglecting if you are a startup that wishes to succeed. Actually there are two major issues startups are missing while performing their testing:

  • Usability testing! The worst part you may miss while developing your application or a website ever! You may actually end up developing something as unexplainable and hard to understand as the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle. If your end-users will have any navigation or other UI issues do you think they will still support your product? It may be easier if you will answer this particular question: when you are surfing the internet for some information are you staying on a page that gave you no precise and clear answer for long?
  • Quality Assurance testing! This may prove as quite a long process and often a fairly expensive one too. Those are the main reasons of why startups are neglecting QA.

Why are all of these things important? Your solution is to make a first impression. And a fairly good one indeed as the first couple of second your target audience will be using your app or site will determine for themselves if they will keep using it or not. You have but one chance and you are not to blow it, otherwise, despite the fact you are early in the market you may end up broke. Not a great situation to be in, really.

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