How To Win In A Tough Fight Over A Tester’s Job


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Getting employed as a tester is a challenge

There is this guy I was talking to recently. He is young, creative, open-minded yet extremely unskilled in programming yet. It’s not that he has no desire to. He is still studying and he is actually making some success in studies. But he, as most students, is a bit short on cash thus he was looking for a job in testing. I believe he’d do great as an intern or even a junior tester as the lad puts a lot of effort in everything he does. Imagine how surprised I was when I found out he was refused jobs several times as for now due he had few skills in programming.

Are you even imagining how the industry of testing has matured over the years if coding skills are now a hard requirement rather than a pleasant addition some employees might or might not possess?

No seriously, as for me, a mindset is of the highest importance, the rest may be tough. Sure there’s automation, and the necessity of generally understanding how software works. Being able to talk with developers and the thing they are developing on the same language is a huge bonus, but a basic requirement? You are definitely to know coding and to know it good if you are aiming for a higher position and I’m not arguing with that, but a junior? But hey, I’m not the one hiring, thus all I can do is providing you with general tips on how to take a punch and fight back if you are looking for proper employment.

  • Do learn some basics of programming. After all there are tons of books, tutorials, videos, educational sites out there in the Web that are even absolutely free. Sure you won’t be a pro after watching a few videos on YouTube, yet in a month you will have the skills to pass that interview.
  • Never lie. That is the worst thing that may happen especially in IT. Your actual skills will pop out of the box on your very first day. Thus it’s a totally wrong practice. State the truth and people will actually appreciate that you have spent some extra effort even if it’s just on-line education. That means you are willing to grow as a professional and will be considered as a lovely bonus.
  • Find somebody who will provide you with tips. Developers really love to talk about coding. And there is always at least one developer you know. Just ask for help and you will receive some actual live experience in a friendly environment. Amazing, right?
  • Practice while you are learning. There are lots of alphas and betas out there waiting for you to test and report bugs. Thus try hard. And after a decent bug report you send to the company whose product is under test who knows, maybe you will be noticed. I’ve heard Microsoft are having their Windows 10 user-tested at this very moment. Why not giving it a shot?

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