How To Train New Software Testers In The Best Way Possible?


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First of all, you are to know at what point is the new tester standing. What are his skills? What is he already capable of? Only afterward may you move through a more or less training strategy that will fit that tester in the most fitting way. This part will be the easiest to do, actually, what you may and should do in this situation (regardless of the junior/senior position the testers were hired for). To train a new tester should become your priority, as basically you invest in the future of your own company.

Few Tips on how to train a tester:

  • Ask about their previous experience, perhaps they have been dealing with the same and/or similar software. How they got to the level they are at now, what were their biggest challenges? How are they with software testing in general? Where are they as for now?
  • Explain the usual flow of things going on in your team, the data flow, the goals you are perusing, the things they will be doing as testers in your team.
  • Ask if they have any questions (and always stay open to their questions during the entire training period and further if possible).
  • Explain all the details surrounding a particular project they will be in. make sure they are aware of all the requirements.
  • Repeat the previous steps until they run out of questions.
  • Show them their resources such as test cases, the test case repository itself, requirements and any other related documentation, where and with what will they be handling automation, etc.
  • And answer their questions again.

This would be a very nice training flow. But are there any practices that must be included? And I mean MUST with all capitals?

  • First of all, make sure new testers have run through the bugs your team has already located. This is a great practice for people who are new to testing as it will show them how bugs actually look and prove they are not as hard to find. But this will also work great with experienced people as they will be getting into your team’s shoes.
  • Make sure your new testers are 100% clear with automation and are able of jumping right into it as automation is one of the most important aspects of testing nowadays.
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