How to Succeed in Building a Software Development Team: Top Ideas for Startups


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development teamHaving a successful development team is half of the success. When you are launching a startup the chances are going up if you have a good and qualified startup software development team. But you need not just build a team but be capable to retain it.

In this article we are going to share some tips how to do it:

  1. Look for skilled and dedicated developers.

When you are launching a new startup, the product is new, so you need a developer to create an initial code. But it has to be not a junior developer, but a senior developer who is experienced enough to creat the code you need.

What you do when searching for developers? You place an ad or search through the huge amount of developers. To find a great developer might be really a tough job, as they are unlikely on the market. Great and experienced developers do not change jobs that often. Maybe 3-4 times at most. You must be lucky if you get one when he/she was looking for a new job after quitting a previous one. Instead of this, you can try to go to the places they are often to. It can be a conference, a developer’s forum or an organization. Just go for it!

  1. Hire small teams rather than big ones.

Hiring a small team is more cost-effective, especially while you are a startup and more efficient, as small teams are easily managed.  The cooperation goes smoothly. Another plus here is when the team is small you can spend some resources on hiring quality and experienced staff.

  1. Add women to the team.

Statistics says that equal quantity of women and men on a team leads to bringing on innovation. So don’t be afraid to hire women.

  1. Hire remote developers.

Remote talent is going to be a new buzz in software development market. It is hard to find talent locally so companies started looking for it from abroad, i.e. remotely.

  1. Manage in equity.

Your team members can start arguing because of the salary. To avoid this you need to act with fairness to all of them, to give equity in proportions of their inputs.

  1. Trust your team.

Give you team a space for creativity, don’t control each step. It is healthier for the team spirit. You can suggest working in pairs, so they can learn and bond with each other.

  1. Hire humans

It is very important that people working for you are communicating well with each other, have positive outlook and are targeted on mutual success instead of egoists that will work just for personal benefit. so it is better hire people who will be a perfect fit to your team.

  1. Protect your team.

Save the power of your team, thus don’t ask them to stay after work and work overtime. Protect them from randomness on the rest of the company, so they throw all their energy on a project.

  1. Provide with all necessary

Provide your team with all necessary hardware and software, so they have everything possible to work on your project.

  1. Encourage growth

Provide with technical training resources your team thinks might be good. Send them to conferences; encourage them taking part in different user groups.

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