How to Recruit a Decent Tester


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Testing & QA

hireA lot of time may be spent on finding professional and agile testers. Lots of HR specialists are experiencing serious trouble in this area, and time, as we all know, is money. Especially in the constantly developing and mutable IT market.

Below are some priorities that can be called “the tester must-haves”. They can really make your life easier and assist in finding the right man for the job.

  • QA mindset. I’m pretty sure that this description will not be one hundred percent just, but it’s as much as may be covered IMHO. So let’s give it a shot: testers (the good ones, I mean) are born with a specific mind that is curious, analytical and with a critical way of thinking. With such a mindset a person is capable of looking the problem right through and getting to the bottom of it. What I’m trying to say is that for these people even a small grammatical/typing mistake in a fast-food diner menu is a pain in the neck. They see it from the start and can’t get away from it. These kinds of people usually enjoy puzzles.
  • Passion. Trust me you don’t want to hire a guy that does not love his job no matter what his motivation is. If the person is doing it just for the money, or it’s some kind of a personal stepping stone to him – he won’t be god at it. He may do OK or fine, sure, but never will he be perfect.
  • Technical abilities. Coding abilities are only a cherry on the cake. Shure you’d love to have it, but it’s not the cake itself, right? Teaching coding skills is easier that replacing a person’s mindset on the one you want.

So what do you actually do, when you are sitting in front of a huge pile of resumes? How to process them all and find the right one, with The Chosen One who was born to test and to test good?

  1. First of all you need to make the right job offer, that includes information on what you precisely want from your potential employees, and what are you willing to offer them. That will decrease your resume pile twice at the very least.
  2. Find the resumes that will stand out from others. Most of them will be just a list of technological terms squished in a few pages. And that is not good. Nobody can master everything that is placed in such a resume, so we don’t know what skills the applier has from the beginning. Try looking for a resume, which describes accomplishments, positive things the applier may bring to your team.
  3. You can get a good feeling of weather the applicant has the passion mentioned above during the phone screening process. Try asking the biggest accomplishments and disappointments questions, questions about the person like what does he do outside work, what books does he read etc. These questions can give you a pretty good description of the applicant.
  4. Give test-exercises for the people you want to talk in person before you invite them. You don’t want to bolt of good specialists just because they were a bit worried on the in-person interview.
  5. The in-person interview: get through the done earlier testing exercise in details. And, by the way, you would really want a pro QA to do the in-person interview. It’s because he will be asking the right questions. Only a developer can find a good developer so the same thing here, with the QA people.
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