How to Really Find Bugs!


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Well, bugs. There is actually so much meaning in this little word to software testers. There are, of course some bugs that are literally jumping straight at you from the very first lines of code, however most of them are trickier. A lot trickier.

And those hidden bugs are actually the ones that matter. The better one bug is hidden the more confusion it will cause to the end-user if not fixed. Discovering just such bugs should be encouraged and those are the ones adding value to your day at work. Remember the satisfaction you are experiencing when you have located something extraordinary, something no one else could discover nor reproduce. So how to fins such defects? I’d say it’d be a piece of cake after reading this article, but I won’t because that would be a lie. However you may find lots of useful tips here.

Here we go!

  • First thing’s first: understand the entire application under test as a whole piece. Or you may do the opposite and break all into clear and understandable modules. Whatever it takes for you to get the whole picture.
  • Your own test cases should be really good ones. That is the basis required before you may even think of starting testing. Pay attention to top priority risks.
  • One more thing you will require before testing is test data. Make sure that data has test case conditions and database records (if necessary) included.
  • Run the same tests in different environments. That should give you several trails.
  • One nice habit a tester should poses is always trying to find patterns, especially you should compare results you have to result patterns.
  • Tired of test and out of ideas? Try out some manual software testing. Just play with the app around for amusement. For laughs. Do unimaginable things to it, try monkey testing out. You should gain several clues from here.
  • Use your older test data patterns you surely have somewhere around to analyze the tests you have now.
  • You don’t always have to re-invent the bicycle. Use some standard test patterns.
  • Just try focusing on the bug. Give it a really hard try as if you are into actually breaking the app, that’s when they will crawl out of their hiding places scared and defenseless.
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