How to Make a Developer Fix Your Bug?

TestFortExpert by TestFortExpert on 04/15/2013

How to Make a Developer Fix Your Bug?

There are a lot of testers complaining that though they catch an enormous number of bugs a developer quite often doesn’t take them into considerations. One can probably say it’s not tester’s job to get the bugs fixed. But agree that it is anyway frustrating when somebody does not take seriously your efforts.

So the better you will sell your bug the more attention the developers will pay to it. One of the ways to get hold of developers’ time and attention is to write an enticing bug report working as your bug’s advertisement. If you follow the tips below your bug report will definitely stand out in the crowd.

Tips for Efficient Bug Report

  1. Your bug report should be as simple and straightforward as possible. If a 12-year-old child can repeat your bug in accordance with your report then you can consider your report well-written.
  2. Write realistic reports. If the bug has nothing to do with real life then the developer will most likely ignore it.
  3. The more required set ups needed the bug report contains, the easier it will be for a developer to reproduce it. This is all the more important when the detected bug proves to be configuration dependent.
  4. Your main task is to get to the root of the bug. Sometimes a bug has more than one symptom of the problem. In this case you should mention the most serious one for example data corruption and include its description in your report.
  5. You should always make your bug report inviting enough to capture the developer’s attention. The tip “You should make it inviting” does not actually mean “You should make it exaggerated” if you don’t want to risk your tester’s credibility. In other words your bug report must describe well the importance and possible consequences of the bug.
  6. Well-written report also includes the description of how it affects users, what distress a similar software bug had run to before and how the competitors had suffered because of it.


A properly written report is a successful sales ad for your bug. Consider that you are selling your bugs to developers. Once you become a good marketer for your bugs you will watch them being fixed quicker and quicker.

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