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How To Improve Test Productivity Using Software Testing Tools. 8 Easy Ways

TestFortExpert by TestFortExpert on 02/24/2012

How To Improve Test Productivity Using Software Testing Tools. 8 Easy Ways

Here is the question: what is the difference between the use of software testing tools and a car production plant? Today car plants are considered to be one of the most productive working environments in the world. However there is still a great commitment to manual aspects of building cars, taking into consideration today’s overall automation and robotic capabilities. You may find this fact astonishing, knowing that cars have been built since 1890’s.

Look at a modern car plant. How much attention is given to the workplace, how good is it equipped for the worker? Everything is arranged so that the workers can be as productive as possible. Every instrument that is needed lies so that it can be reached out immediately. Instruments are even set out in such a way that a worker should make minimum movements to reach it. Because every tiny improvement concerning a working environment brings benefit for the whole production.

What about your software testing environment? When was the last time you looked at it? When did you last try to bring in some trivial changes that could serve to greater improvements for the team?

So, here are eight examples of how software testing tools can be used to increase the productivity of a QA team.

Automate test environment installation process. It saves the time of the whole team if it works together, but also it prevents the possibility of testing with the wrong environment.

There were given only a couple of examples, but the main aim of this article is to encourage you to provide small innovations that will help to improve the process of working. Implement small changes every day, look at the software testing tools you use from a new perspective, add something. Improve your work!

Feel free to add anything you think is important in the comments below.

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