How to Hire a Developer in One Day

Anna Khrupa by Anna Khrupa on 05/25/2022

How to Hire a Developer in One Day

Generally, an experienced recruiter can close an open vacancy within a week. However, there are positions that are in high demand and low supply, which means that finding qualified engineers can be a problem. This has always been the case with senior engineers, who usually need to be scouted and hunted from other companies, but now finding middle developers is becoming a problem too. Although there are more of them, they don’t stay on the job market for too long, usually finding a job within a few days of submitting their resumes to job boards. So, how do you “snatch” a qualified middle-developer in such a short time?

Many companies are optimising their recruitment processes, and the pinnacle of fast hiring practices is the one-day hiring workflow.

Key Principles of a “One Day Hire”

The goal of this practice is to go from the first interview with a candidate to a sent (and sometimes signed) offer within one working day. This requires a true interest from the candidate themselves (which is a good sign for the hiring side), and a clear understanding of the position for the interviewers (always a positive signal to potential hires). Thus, with clarity and dedication on both sides, both parties are likely to learn everything they need in the span of a single working day. They start knowing very little about each other, and ending it with an offer and potential hire.

Here’s what’s required to put this idea into practice:

What Happens During a “Hiring Day”

All interviews are scheduled in advance. The candidate’s schedule should be cleared for the day and each interviewer must ensure their availability during their scheduled interview slot. There is a dedicated HR or recruitment representative that is on call for the whole day to guide the recruit through their various interviews, answer questions related to the company and the project, and generally assist the new recruit with everything they might need.

If the developer is being hired to work on an ongoing project, a team lead is usually present during the first interview to tell the candidate about the project and what their role will be in the new team. They have to be prepared to answer technical questions about the project’s tech stack, tell the recruit about team composition and how they slot into the existing team, and be able to answer “soft skill” questions (like what the vibe is, how often they have to work overtime, etc.).

Finally, if the candidate is being hired by an outsourcing company for a client project, it’s important that a representative of the business (usually a key stakeholder) is available for one of the interviews and is fully prepared to make a decision on the hire by the end of the day.

Key Takeaways

  • Candidate must clear their schedule
  • Recruiter must clear their schedule
  • Team leads and project managers should be available
  • Key stakeholders should be prepared to make a decision

One Day Hires with TestFort

Our company has been optimising every aspect of our recruitment workflows to ensure out ability to fill key positions on our clients’ projects. Now, this includes full preparedness on our side to conduct “One Day Developer Hiring”. If you need to augment your staff with a niche expert or hire a full team for your project, our recruiters, team leaders, and project managers can help you assemble your team in the shortest time possible.

The process at TestFort a is assisted by our company-wide adherence to CMMI-DEV Level 3 requirements. The through documentation of established recruitment procedures makes us a unique outsourcing partner for clients and a reliable employer for new hires. With TestFort you can quickly fill key positions in your development team and find highly qualified niche experts for your software development project. Furthermore, in addition to hiring quickly, we have also streamlined our onboarding process which will allow new engineers begin writing code for your projects within hours of joining the team!

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