How-To: Getting QA to the New Level


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Testing & QA

UpBugs! Small errors in the code that may be devastating. The main reason of creation of an entire QA industry. But how do you prevent them from crawling in-to your code? Well… You don’t. The only way to get rid of them is to test the finished code and to do it properly. I’d even recommend to test the code in the process of its creation. You see it’s not that difficult to find one bug, but after the software is released it may be too late. New bugs can hide the previous ones and such a happening is destined to be a real pain in the… neck.

So how to get your QA to the next level? Let’s try to find out.

  • Define your quality. If you truly want your team to complete a project and to finish it with success you have to explain them the task in an understandable way. They need to know what you want them to do, how do you want them to do it, when is the deadline, etc. Such approach will be unexpectedly rewarding to both the QA team and your business.
  • The next thing will do well for the entire development team. The metrics have to be as clear and visible as possible. This way the defects will be reduced to almost a complete zero.
  • Make sure your team is attuned for work. They, most certainly, have to remain a team with shared purposes, yet giving each of them individual goals they have to accomplish is a great practice. You will be truly astonished with the results.
  • Make sure your project managers got the requirements right. This way the team won’t need to do lots of overworking and will be able to dedicate saved time to achieving astonishing product quality. This tip will also work splendidly with UX designers and other people related in one way or the other.
  • I believe this one was said like thousands of times and yet it never hurts to repeat: automate your testing tools. This way your QA team will have the possibility to focus their attention on the really important things that are of high priority. This step can also be applied to the whole development team rather that to testers only.

These tips are, of course, no all it takes for a successful completion of a QA project, yet they should give you a general idea on what to focus your attention on. I sincerely believe this will way of managing projects will lead to victory. So good luck with your projects!

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